Peach Bottom Township offers recycling 1 time a month on the 2nd weekend of the month.
The container will arrive at the new Municipal Complex located at 6880 Delta Road (across from the Dollar General) at approximately 4:00 p.m. Friday and be removed at approximately 4:00 p.m. Sunday.

Accepted Items
Aluminum food and beverage containers with food debris removed
Glass food and beverage containers with lids and food debris removed
Clear, brown, green, natural and pigmented plastic narrow-neck
containers with symbols 1,2 & 5
(milk, water, detergent, shampoo, and bleach bottles.)
Ferrous/Bimetal (iron, steel, tin)
Cans with food debris removed
Paper – Newsprint (black and white pigmented). Not bound or placed in bags.
Construction, craft, copy, print and computer paper.  Cereal boxes, shoe boxes or similar.
Junk mail, magazines, catalogs, phone books and corrugated cardboard.

Not Accepted
Wax coated paper or wax coated cardboard
Plastic bags of any kind
Styrofoam of any kind
Batteries or light bulbs
Unnumbered plastic, mirrors, window or auto glass, porcelain,
ceramics, glass cookware/bake ware, drinking glasses,
microwave oven trays, perfume/cologne bottles.

Peach Bottom Township 2021 Recycling Schedule

January 8th – 10th

For more information, call the Peach Bottom Township Office at 717-456-5083.